Grain Marketing Manager: Haley Shields- haleys@agproducerscoop.com

Grain storage: 3,009,000 bu

North Spearman Facility & Office:

13304 CR #26; Spearman, TX 79081

Phone: (806) 659-3751 

Fax: (806) 659-3976 

Please contact the office for hours of operation as they may vary 


Buzzard Elevator: 


8 miles south of Spearman at the intersection of Hwy 281 and 51

10787  FM 281; Spearman, TX 79081

(806) 659-3478


The Spearman office is located inside the city limits while the elevator is located approximately 8 miles south of Spearman on FM 281. This location offers a variety of agronomy services to their customers including dry and liquid fertilizer, seed and chemicals, as well as application and delivery services in the area. 

This grain facility was created as an independent location in 1975 called AGCO of Spearman, Inc., by the Shieldknight family, Haley's grandparents. The elevator was created because her grandfather saw a need for such grain and agronomy services in the immediate area. In 2003, the Buzzard elevator was destroyed by a tornado and rebuilt from the ground up in only four short months, just in time to begin corn harvest.

The elevator was family owned and operated until it became part of Ag Producers Co-op in September of 2015. Over the years, AGCO of Spearman has operated with the same employees and seasonal workers year after year.  

Haley Shields, 

Grain Marketing Manager 


Rosi Martinez, 

Spearman Marketing Assistant