Location Manager: Joel Johnson

Grain Storage: 5,063,000

Phone number: (806) 384-2164

Fax number: (806) 384-2166

Physical Address: 4607 E. Highway 54; Dalhart, TX 79022

Please contact the office for hours of operation as they may vary

In 1941, Ed Crabtree purchased the two wooden elevators in Conlen and added the present concrete elevators and steel storage containers to the location over the next 50 years. Sunray Co-op purchased the facility in 1996 from Elliott Crabtree and Elaine Horne, the son and daughter of Mr. Crabtree, a short time after his passing. Both Elliott and Elaine are still proud customers of Ag Producers Co-op. 

Additionally, co-op customers and the public have access to fuel on site and a small part store since the nearest town, Dalhart, is 15 minutes away.


Joel Johnson 

Location Manager