Mission Statement 

"Producer Owned. Producer Focused."


 About Us

Ag Producers Co-op is the consummation of multiple mergers and acquisitions in the last two decades. Seven local co-ops determined the future would be more profitable for their member owners if they consolidated efforts. Those coops were: Sunray Co-op, Olton Grain Co-op, Olton Co-op Gin, United Farm Industries, Inc. (Plainview), Hart Producers Co-op Gin, Bushland Grain Co-op and Dalhart Consumers Fuel Association. AGCO of Spearman was purchased in September 2015 and Robinson Grain of Panhandle was purchased in June 2016.

Ag Producers Co-op still believes in the core principles from each of these organizations and will continue to value their customers while providing a new approach to business in order to sustain the cooperative. Additionally, Ag Producers Co-op will work to provide fair prices and excellent customer service while returning profits back to members in the form of dividends.

Ag Producers Co-op locations include: Sunray (corporate headquarters), Arroyo, Bushland, Capps Switch, Coldwater, Conlen, Dalhart,  Edmonson, Etter, Gruver, Hartley, North Sedan, Olton, Panhandle, Plainview, Spearman, Stateline, Texline and Wilco. Our current total grain storage capacity is 68 million bushels.  We also have cotton gins at Olton and Plainview.

We strive to keep our facilities in great working order to assure a quick turnaround on your trucks during harvest.  We know how important speed and space are to your operation during the busy harvest times.

The Ag Producers Co-op logo depicts a corn leaf amid a cotton storage warehouse, created by Bret Brown, Chief Financial Officer.


We have many grain and cotton marketing contracts available to help you manage your risk. Our goal is to help you be more successful while decreasing your price risk. We try to make you aware of opportunities in the market, and provide you with the tools to help you make marketing decisions. The decision is always yours. For excellent customer service in marketing or if you have questions on how we can help you, please contact any of our marketing offices or location managers. They will be happy to assist you!